Sunday, June 19, 2011 10:06 PM

Can Ping?

I do not know what Can Ping is, but the hoomans are verra verra busy getting ready to do that. They are putting up these flappy houses outside and talking about how they will survive the heat. I do not understand what Can Ping is that it requires heat. When I want heat I go hide on the hoomans bed or find a sunny spot. But I do not go outside.

When I learn more about Can Ping I will tell you.

Henry is busy annoying The Grump. I try not to, but sometimes, she just asks for it.

My Peeps

Bearded Scritcher ("Dad")

Giver of Greenies or GoG ("Mom")

Stringplucker (Beth)

Stringpuller (CJ)

T.O.C. ("That Other Cat")

N.C.P. ("New Catly Presence")

My Mews

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