Saturday, February 6, 2010 6:05 AM


Tiria here...

There is stuff all over the ground and when my Hoomans go in and out and bring it in on their shoes, it is cold. Henry says it is called "Snow." I don't care WHAT it's called. It makes the whole house cold. And wet. So I can't go downstairs after they've been outside. What I really want to know is why they go outside in the first place. They complain about being cold and wet when they come inside, so why bother going out? They certainly are very strange creatures, these "Hoomans." I have forgiven my Hoomans for dragging me off the the shop of horrors for nothing. My paw was hurting, but it healed itself without any help from the Et-Vay. However, I will still not go into GoG's study. It was SHE who took me there and brought me back, so I will continue to avoid and ignore her with proper catly austerity.

~The Shadow Princess~

Thursday, February 4, 2010 9:05 AM

It's a conspiracy!

First Tiria, and now MEEEE!!!!

Giver of Greenies can not be trusted. She pulled out the Bag of Terror (which ONLY comes out when we have to go to the Shop of Horrors.) This was AFTER she took away food from the ENTIRE HOUSE!! It is an OUTRAGE! I am REPORTING HER!

Well, I'm no dummy. I saw the Bag of Terror and ran behind the couch. But I was so hungry. And she knew it. So she rattled the food cannister and then poured some into my dish. I followed her into the bathroom and she STUFFED ME IN THE BAG!! And then... and then...

They stuck things where the sun don't shine. And skeert the pee out of me.

I am carefully ignoring GoG. She was in the kitchen and I ignored her, and then she was in the basement and I ignored her, and then she came upstairs and I ignored her.

Just ONE question: How come Tiria had to go the Shop of Horrors, and *I* had to go to the Shop of Horrors, but The Grump didn't???  I ask you.  Is this fair???

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 2:03 PM


don't ask.
don't tell.
i am not here.
the only thing under the bed is dust bunnies.
you don't see me.


11:24 AM

Shop of Horrors

What a ride...

2 adults.
Greenies, tuna and kibble.
Fuzzy blankie.
Suitcase of torture (aka "cat carrier")
1 towel.
1 crazed cat.

We nabbed her FINALLY and she is at the "Shoppe of Horrors" being examined. She is quite upset.

I'm sorry pretty girl... hope you are better soon.

Love and scritches...

Giver of Greenies <3

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