Monday, June 30, 2008 7:01 PM

It's a good life...

Ha ha ha!!!

I'm out and about. She can't stop me. Right now she's out of the room so I'm on the 'puter. She's off annoying T.O.C. (who is very rude! That I will agree with her on...)

I'm being polite and not eating her kibble and only doing my bidness in my box. But I did go sniff her box tonight. P.U. She lies. It does too stink. Just sayin'

Oh. And my name is officially "King Henry the first" - but you can call me Henry.



Sunday, June 29, 2008 5:16 PM

IT came OUT!!

Yes, it did. And It said It's name was King Henry I. It sniffed me. I sniffed him. And then I followed him around everywhere to make sure he left. But I got chased downstairs by my humans.

The Shadow Princess

Saturday, June 28, 2008 8:19 AM

shhh don't tell

Hi... It's me. NCP. I don't have a "real name" so they just call me "Boy Cat" (which I am except that my boy parts were removed when I was sleeping and is that right?? I ask you...)

String Puller left her 'puter on so I just wanted to say hi and tell you not to believe Tiria when she sez rude stuff about me. I'm cool. I'm big. And I like catnip. And Greenies. And fishy snack stuff. And scritches. And want to meet teh other kittehs but am in EYE-SORE-LATION. Or something like that. 'Ceptt I'm not an eyesore. I like the tall bookcase. It's where I can view my domain.

I'm ackshally a lot like Tiria. I was in a fambly and then they lost me. Then I got found and put in a cage. And then I got taken to the et-vay (ew) and then to a cage and then my new fambly found me at a store. So they brought me home so I would not have to be in a cage forever. And I'm here. And I like it. AND I AM GOING TO STAY!!!!

Oops. String Puller is coming. Gotta go.

Bye for now.


Thursday, June 26, 2008 10:27 AM

More Evidence

I have more evidence of a New Catly Presence (NCP) in my house.

  1. A bag of "litterbox stinkies" from the NCP near the door (not that mine stinks. That evidence did).
  2. String Puller took MY Greenies into The Room.
  3. A bowl of my special Fishy Snack Stuff went into The Room.
The smell of evidence of NCP is stronger. This is not good. I will continue to investiggerate.

The Shadow Princess

P.S. GoG's shoes smell like the Shop of Horrors. What does this mean?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008 4:37 PM

Something Is Not Right

I smelled it I did. A new cat in String Puller's room. It came last night. Most suspicious. The door is closed all the time. I don't like the way this sounds.

The Shadow Princess

Friday, June 20, 2008 7:40 PM

I Want My GoG

I want my GoG back. She just got home after a whole week of leaving me, but now she's too busy fiddling with her uit-case-says to talk to me. I have been too upset to post lately, so I will post now.
This is me looking upset. The big greeny-blue- thing in the back is GoG's uit-case-say (to put her suits in) .
Did I do a good job looking sad and upset?
GoG was being a bad human. So I crouched in front of her uit-case-say.
GoG better leave the uit-case-says alone for a while and pay attention to her deprived kitteh.
She left me for a whole week.
And now she's back but is too busy fiddling with uit-case-says.

The Shadow Princess

Thursday, June 12, 2008 12:38 PM

Stealing My GoG

I. Am. Not. Happy. At. All.
TOC was sucking up to GoG today. She was polishing GoG's feet today. And GoG liked it. Not fair. At all. My GoG.

The Shadow Princess

Friday, June 6, 2008 2:43 PM

My Day Job

This is my day job.
I sit on GoG's foot and keep it warm.
I call it "hair conditioning."
GoG says she like "air conditioning" better when it's so hot out, but I still think she likes it when I sit on her foot.
I know where she is, and TOC can't come over and butter her up cuz I'm there.
String Puller caught me when I was dozing off in this picture.
Don't I look adorable?
You can see GoG's foot in the background, as well as the black rolly chair.
Now I have to go and warm it again.

The Shadow Princess

Thursday, June 5, 2008 4:19 AM

Blog Party

Since I have seen GoG blogging about a parties, I decided to throw one for LMK. It was his birthday a few days ago, but I wanted to let him spend it with his family. So now I'm going to throw a party, so here it goes.
1. You must post the rules at the begging of your blog.
2. You then tag one animal/ person that hasn't been tagged yet.

The Blog Starts Now


1. List five things you like about LMK:
He's funny, smart, playful, kind, and friendly.

2. Name one of his posts you liked a lot and tell why (You can put in a link to it if you want).
I liked "New P-U" cuz it's funny and I don't get why humans would name something a P-U. Also LMK looks very nice in the picture.


1. Make up your own version of "Happy birthday" for LMK (You know, with funny lyrics).
Happy bird day to cruise,
Happy warm day to snooze,
Happy birthday LMK,
Happy birthday not to lose.

2. Make your best kitty smilie face (labels optional) and no using a premade one.
\/ Whiskers
:) Face
/\ Whiskers


1. Redesign "Happy Birthday" (change the color, size, out it on a picture, anything).



1 .Tag one person/ animal.
(To get the party going) I tag anyone who knows LMK (When you blog, though, only tag one person. I just want more people/ animals to join the party)

The Shadow Princess

Sunday, June 1, 2008 10:03 AM

It's Just Not Fair

It just isn't. And you know it. And I know it. And GoG knows it. And I know you and GoG know it. And now you know that I know that you and GoG know it. So what's not fair, you may ask. Well, I'll tell you.
So, a few days ago GoG gave me Greenies. I ate them, and took a nap. Then I got up and accidentally ate a little bit of string from the carpet. I was playing, see, and... Well anyway I ate it and took another nap on GoG's bed. And then my tummy couldn't digest it, so it was- you guessed it- hork time. I horked on GoG's bed 'cuz I woke up and needed to hork, so I did. But then GoG walked in and said stuff like "Oh, Tiria!" and "Not on the bed" and "Arg! Cat!" and "have to treat it" and "won't fit in the washer." Well, GoG decided that I horked 'cuz of the Greenies or my tuna snack. So now she won't give me either. It's. Just. Not. Fair.

The Shadow Princess

My Peeps

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Giver of Greenies or GoG ("Mom")

Stringplucker (Beth)

Stringpuller (CJ)

T.O.C. ("That Other Cat")

N.C.P. ("New Catly Presence")

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