Saturday, June 30, 2007 12:54 PM

Bird on a stick

I love to play. In fact, I love to play soooo much that sometimes, I forget it is human naptime. I don't exactly understand, but if you wake up your family to play and the sun isn't shining, they get cranky. It's very strange...

Well, ANYWAY...

Giver of Greenies found a new toy for me. She says it's to "wear me out" or something like that. As if.

It is SOOOoooo much fun! I call it "Bird on a stick" and it is more fun than kitty weed. Honest.

First, I lie in wait for it... it's coming... it's coming... Ohh. I get so excited. I talk to it and lash my tail and get all bunched up and wiggly.

Then I POUNCE!!! HA HA!!!! I have it!!!

Sometimes, I just kick back and enjoy it. It needs lots of licks and cleaning.
I don't know why, but it does.

Then, when I have had enough, I either ignore it, or I take it into my lair under the bed.

Ppprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... I DO love toys...

The fierce Shadow Princess

Tuesday, June 26, 2007 10:25 AM

5 things I dig about Jesus

Molly played and so did Rosie and Jenny. So I thought I would too...

Five things I dig about Jesus.

  1. He made animals. Especially cats. I guess He made dogs too, but He was only practicing.
  2. He made sunshine. I love sunshine.
  3. He made humans. It would be hard to be loved without them.
  4. He made things like catnip and fleecies.
  5. He likes it when I sing happy songs to Him for the things He has made.
That's just for starters.

The Shadow Princess

10:13 AM


It's warm. The windows in my penthouse have great places to snooze. For some reason though, my staff keeps shutting the blinds. Now how is a cat supposed to have a proper sun bath if the blinds are closed?

And another thing.

There's Flying Eats using layers of sticks to make sitting places. One is doing this right outside the downstairs window in a hedge. String Puller says they are "nests" and there will be eggs and Baby Eats. I so would like to watch this happen. Personal supervision is a very good thing for Babies, you know.

For some reason the Flying Eats complained, so Giver of Greenies shut THAT blind too.


The Shadow Princess

Monday, June 18, 2007 10:04 AM

8 random things...

Molly didn't exactly tag me... perhaps because I am a cat. But I am going to play anyway. Tag is fun. So, here are eight random things about me.

1) I hate being held.
I know cats are supposed to like it, but I don't.

2) I got lost outside when it was very cold out and lost my family. A nice person took me in and helped me find a forever home. I love them.

3) I can sing. My favorite song is RrrrrrrrAOUUUUUUUUUL!

4) I am named for a character in the book High Rhulain by Brian Jacques. She was an otter princess, kind of shy but a warrior at heart.

5) I don't get along with my roommate, T.O.C. (That Other Cat). I have tried. Really. She hisses and growls at me and never EVER wants to play. I would even share the bed with her if she wanted to sleep on it, too...

6) I like fleece. Anyone's fleece. String puller's jacket. String plucker's bed. Bearded Scritcher's vest. I like it so much that Giver of Greenies made a special basket just for me. Prrrrrrrrrr.

7) I have a computer chip under my skin near one ear. Giver of Greenies says that it means I will be able to be found and brought home if I ever get away from my family.


Now I don't know who to tag. But if you want to play you can.

The Shadow Princess.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007 6:21 AM


I don't get it. I thought it was a toy. It was so much fun! All I had to do was whack it once or twice. And it shreds great too. SOOoooo satisfying! And it didn't make THAT much of a mess. Really.

But no... Giver of Greenies said NO words and clapped her hands and made hissy noises. Apparently I was not clever.

But why do humans put paper on a roller except for good cats to have fun? Why is fun bad? I mean, humans do THIS!!!

At least I kept it in the house.

Now I am in the doghouse. P.U.

The Shadow Princess

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