Thursday, November 22, 2007 2:42 PM

A Thanksgiving "Treat"...

Today, the humans had Thanksgiving. They had a big thing in the oven. It smelled like a bird. A really big bird. I helped GoG check it in the big heat-cage. It smelled so good! But GoG says "No, no," and "get away." Bad GoG. But after it came out, it didn't smell as good. So I forgot about it.
This morning, GoG gave me a "Thanksgiving treat." She called it "Squid and Sardines." It smelled. A lot. A whole lot. I tried it. But there were really crunchy things and really slimy things in there. I only ate the sauce. The sauce was good. But everything else was weird. Oh well. GoG said she thought it would be a nice, special treat. At least she tried.
GoG has a snuffly nose. I have been wuzzling her. I've gotten over her leaving for a long time. She needs wuzzles. She was up late last night. Something about "Has to be in by midnight," and, "Paper to write." She shouldn't have stayed up so late. Now she's all tired. And she needs a wuzzle kitty to help her. I like to help her write things. I keep her feet warm so she can concentrate. And then I know where she is. And GoG likes it when I warm her feet. Got to go warm them again.

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