Saturday, November 17, 2007 8:45 AM

T.O.C.'s in a Bad Mood

*Ahem* see title. Evidently, she is complaining that only 2 cats- Mugs and Mel have gone to welcome her. She feels so grumpy, she doesn't want to blog. And she's really mean to me. Please, go say hi. If only to stop me getting tormented.
Last night I tormented her right back. She was in the "den" with bearded scritcher. I wanted attention. That was all. At first, that is. Well, it was really late at night and Bearded Scritcher was in the "den" with T.O.C. NOT Fair!!!! By this time, He should be on the Big Bed scritching ME!! And there he was. Scritching T.O.C. So, I ran up to T.O.C. and chased her out of the den. Then Bearded Scritcher locked me in the room with the Big Bed. And all I wanted was attention. I only wanted loves. That was all I wanted. Loves. Nothing more. If he had gone to bed On Time, I wouldn't have done that. And now T.O.C. is even more annoyed.
*Sigh* Desperate circumstances call for desperate actions (T.O.C. explained that to me once. She is wise, even if she is grumpy). Oh well. I did my desperate measure and got a punishment. But he was up on the Big Bed for scritches and cuddles last night. So I am satisfied.

The Shadow Princess


donna Says:
January 2, 2009 at 2:49 PM

I used to have a cat named T.O.C

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