Monday, September 8, 2008 3:32 PM

The Fun Meme

Tira/ Henry here! Wanna play?
Here's the rules:
1. Any animal can play, except human beings, cuz they do their own memes! Thank you very much!
2. If you play be sure and tag another pet pal to play and be sure they know they got tagged.
3. Answer the nine questions (duh, nine lives, nine questions).
4. Be honest
5. Let people know you played too!
Here we go....
1. Favorite place to nap? under GoG's bed. On Short Girl's bookcase.
2. Favorite past time? Being GoG's study buddy/ foot warmer. Annoying the Girlie Cats.
("Can you cut that out, Henry?" "What if I don't leave you alone?" "I'll not let you blog." "Whatever. I'll blog anyway." )
3. Favorite treat? Greenies. Greenies... I guess... I don't really have a favorite treat yet.
4. Indoor or outdoor preference? INdoor! Well, I'd like to go outside, but not enough to try to escape.
5. How did you come to live with your peeps? They saw me at a Cat Show my Foster Mommy brought me to. They saw me in the Rescued Cats Room at the pet store.
6. Litter box, tree or fire hydrant? Litter box. Litter box. ( "I hear you used to poop in the tub." "I did not! The Grump did it and I got blamed!" "Sure..." )
7. Best toy you ever got? Bird-on-a-stick. The string I stole from Tiria.
8.Sleep in or early riser? Early to bed, late to rise, they say. I go to bed early, yell at my humans around three AM, and sleep until everyone is up.
9. Wish for all the world? Happy home for all! A bookcase to sleep on and nice humans.
I tag LMK and Molly.


Spooky Says:
September 12, 2008 at 11:30 AM

Good answers, Tiria and Henry! Thanks for playing along!

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