Tuesday, August 7, 2007 11:57 AM

This is not acceptable.

First, String Plucker packs uitcases-say and leaves.

Then, String Puller and Giver of Greenies go to the petstore to buy more Greenies... and they don't HAVE them any more????? How can this be? We are not completely out (so GoG says... but we don't have many left.)

It's especially worrisome because now T.O.C. is eating them too. In fact, she is mouthy and demands them from Bearded Scritcher. At least I have manners. I ask very politely. And say thank you.

But what is this world coming to? UITCASES-SAY? NO MORE GREENIES???

I am out of sorts. Watch out for my pointy bits... they are all showing today.



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