Monday, November 12, 2007 10:23 AM

Where is she?

Oh...Oh... Giver of Greenies... Where are yooooouuuu? Oh... I've looked everywhere for her... Where is she? I looked in her study, I looked in her bed, I looked under her bed, I looked in the food-making place, I looked in the "Den", I looked in the bathroom, I looked everywhere. She's just. Not. There. Oh... And mean old T.O.C. won't play. She won't even let me into the "Den". There's a big thing in there like a bed half folded up. It's very comfy. It has soft blankies on it. There's a big, black window in front of it. It has a silver edge. One time, I saw my family watching it. There were lots of things moving all over the window. And noises. Lots and lots of noises. But no smells. Humans are weird. But T.O.C. won't let me sleep on the folded-up-bed-thing. Meanie.
I miss Giver of Greenies. A lot. A whole lot. I was very restless last night, 'cause she was gone.
But I just found out that String Puller and String Plucker are going to give me Greenies. Whew! I was worried about that! That's one comfort. I'll still get Greenies. But I still miss the one who usually gives them to me. This Princess is going to go take a nap now. It may help. I hope.

Tiria the Shadow Princess

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