Sunday, November 11, 2007 5:19 AM


Raaaaaaaoooul? Raaaaaaaaaoooul?
Giver of Greenies has been packing. In an uit-case-say. In 2 uit-case-says. She is saying things like "Ziplock Bags" and "Zipper won't close" and "Laundry".
I hope this doesn't mean what I think it means. Last time, it meant she was leaving for a week. She better not pull a stunt like that again (I've heard that phrase somewhere. I'm not sure what it means, but it sounds cool)!
No one will give me Greenies if she leaves. That's what happened last time. It's so lonely during the day, with no one at home to warm feet for. Her feet are very nice to lie on. They always need warming. But I won't get Greenies for a week. It's not fair. And I won't get Furminated for a week. Bearded Scritcher says he'll do it, but he won't. He'll forget. And I'll be lonely all week...
Raaaaaaaoooul? Raaaaaaaaaoooul? Raaaaaaaoooul? Raaaaaaaaaoooul? Raaaaaaaoooul... Raaaaaaaaaoooul...


1-4 Grace Says:
November 12, 2007 at 8:44 AM

You can come see us anytime!
Lots of room in the big bead. Mugsy sleeps on Human Momma's head, I sleep on her legs and you can be at her feet.
We don't ahve much Greenies left, but a supply of Catberry treats and fresh running water.
Oh, wiat, our human is gettign out and suitcase and talking about what to wear for her interviews.
Hey. what is that?

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