Saturday, June 28, 2008 8:19 AM

shhh don't tell

Hi... It's me. NCP. I don't have a "real name" so they just call me "Boy Cat" (which I am except that my boy parts were removed when I was sleeping and is that right?? I ask you...)

String Puller left her 'puter on so I just wanted to say hi and tell you not to believe Tiria when she sez rude stuff about me. I'm cool. I'm big. And I like catnip. And Greenies. And fishy snack stuff. And scritches. And want to meet teh other kittehs but am in EYE-SORE-LATION. Or something like that. 'Ceptt I'm not an eyesore. I like the tall bookcase. It's where I can view my domain.

I'm ackshally a lot like Tiria. I was in a fambly and then they lost me. Then I got found and put in a cage. And then I got taken to the et-vay (ew) and then to a cage and then my new fambly found me at a store. So they brought me home so I would not have to be in a cage forever. And I'm here. And I like it. AND I AM GOING TO STAY!!!!

Oops. String Puller is coming. Gotta go.

Bye for now.


3 Comments On "shhh don't tell"

1-4 Grace Says:
June 28, 2008 at 10:13 PM

Welcoem to cat blogsphere.
hope you can blog lots and we can be BFFF( best feline friends forever)!
Mel and Mugs
p.s. from Mugsy:
Be careful of the closets. I got locked in one ass-e-dent-lee and was scared. I meowed til Momma foudn me and then she petted me and told me I was safe.

Tiggie FOC Says:
July 5, 2008 at 7:43 AM

Hey, the man cat/not really thing happens to the best of us...
Never trust a vet..and if you find yourself facing one, remember to keep you tail tucked under.

Beth Says:
July 9, 2008 at 1:06 PM

Hullo NCP,

I kin simpathize wif yoo onna et-vay ting. Git dis - my meowmie IS an et-vay! So yoo kin imajun wut life is like fur me - always bein pokt an proddid. Pleez donut hold it aginst me, but my meowmie is yor et-vay - I tried to stop her frum pokkin at yoo, I rilly did. But she nefur lissens to me ennyway. 'Cept win I tell hur to feed me, cuz I say that RILLY LOUDLEE!

p.s. If yoo wanna mayk shur de udder cats rispekt yoo, yoo shood tinkul on alla their stuff. Thats wut I did. Plus, it mayks meowmie so all dis angry face stuff, wich is pritty funnee.

Puffycat, whoos meen meowmie wont teech him to spell rite.

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