Monday, July 14, 2008 3:20 PM

It's OK. She's back.

Sheewsh. T.O.C. is back. But she is saying ugly things and she has this stoopid thing around her neck and she akshally looks a little, you know, catnipped. And her traveling cat house smells like that Shop Of Horrors!!!!

I heard G.O.G. say that she cut herself on something sharp. It wasn't NCP (or me) being rude. She just got clumsy in her old age.

And I doan care what Puffycat says. Anyone who pokes and does stuff is not Nice To Kittehs and I doan wanna go visit there.

I am sorry T.O.C. went to the et-vay. Please pray to Teh Ceiling Cat that she gets better. I may not like her, but I like the et-vay less. Just sayin.

The Shadow Princess

P.S. And guess what G.O.G. said to me??? She said I have to go to the et-vay next!!! But I will get her. I know how to hide. See? I blend in with the carpet.

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