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Friday Five: It's All About the Look

Sally of RevGals writes:

In readiness for my move in 6 weeks time I spent almost all of yesterday morning sorting through my wardrobe -- closet, I am so British :-) -- marveling at how I had accumulated so much stuff! The result is three large sacks full of clothes to be given away. Some came into the category of " what was I thinking", some too big now ( at last), and others I will never shrink into again. Some are going simply because I want to streamline my wardrobe.

So how about you:

1. Are you a hoarder, or are you good at sorting and clearing?
Well, personally, I like to let Short Girl clean up the messes of cardboard and kibble all over her room. I guess you could say I'm a hoarder.
I think I'm more of a hoarder, too. I always pile all my strings under one rug.

2. What is the oddest garment you possess and why?
Well one time Short Girl was putting her laundry away and dropped a shirt on me. I looked so stupid.
I only have one, and I think it is very pretty.

3. Do you have a favourite look/ colour?
Brown fur suit with green eyes. It is a very nice contrast.
A suit of grey fur, and my beautiful blue eyes, which looks spectacular.

4. Thrift/ Charity shops, love them or hate them?
Umm I don't know what that is.
Are those outside? If they are I don't like them.

5. Money is no object, what one item would you buy?
Oooh I don't know. Maybe my own string. Except that's not clothes.
I guess I'm fine with my one fur suit.

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